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KM Studio is a company working successfully since ten years on the Italian market of information technologies.

Our activities are mainly aimed at customers who need complete and functional Internet services or secure and efficient networks both in local area both in global ones.

KM Studio can also offer a range of services ranging from Hardware and Software assistance, design and development of applications and multimedia products, as well as IT consulting at 360 °.

In other words, KM Studio helps its clients to communicate, to optimize and to increase their business keeping them in times with the most innovative technologies.

Our company's services are intended for different types of companies both small and large, government and education.


KM Studio can now boast of having a team composed entirely of high level specialists in information technology and telecommunications.

Key aspects of the philosophy of KM Studio in the business are:

  • Ensure a high level of service to every client regardless of its type;
  • Developing ad hoc products;
  • Research and offer optimal solutions;
  • Maximum compromise between the customer's budget and its actual needs;
  • Always guarantee high quality and real efficiency of each product manufactured.

KM Studio believes that only through continued collaboration with the customer is possible to obtain excellent results, therefore, our perspective is to always offer maintenance contracts and system support profitable and efficient. This service allows not only to ensure the performance of each product manufactured, but also to improve it and adapt over time more and more to customer needs.

The relationship with the majority of existing customers is continuous nature, in particular with regard to administrative bodies, hospitals, universities and research, as well as small and medium industries.

KM Studio - Via Leonardo da Vinci 2 - 20070 Dresano (MI) ITALY - Phone +39-02-45070803 - Fax +39-02-45070279 - - P. IVA 04142330960 - C.C.I.A.A. 1729333 Milano

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