web sites

A simple, fast, dynamic website is now an indispensable tool not only for the advertise of a company but also as a flexible and versatile business tool to exchange data and information between partners and customers.

Besides the use of multimedia integrated technologies, such as movies and audio, made the web in recent years a new tool for artistic and cultural expression.

Offering the latest technology our company is happy to present our web offer that includes:

  • Multilingual html websites : English, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch
  • Multimedia web sites with Macromedia Flash ™ and Apple QuickTime ™
  • Integrated dynamic websites for access to databases or applications of e-commerce
  • Streaming audio / video service for events in real time with Apple QuickTime technology and hosting on Akamai servers
  • Management of registration of internet domains
  • Site promoting on major national and international search engines
  • Web hosting of your site